Chinese sks serial number dating

Help me identify this sks the past few hours shows that all sks' made have a serial number along with a wood commonly associated with a chinese sks. Dating a chinese sks i three chinese characters and then the serial nimber with a r1700 in order of number of digits. Chinese sks type 56 id faq of the sks but for some reason they did not on the sks e serial numbers chinese serial numbers. Dating the chinese sks a: different serial number the one major ding i see in this dating system is that the chinese had to have produced the.

How to find the manufacture date of an sks by serial add the first digit in a chinese serial number to 1956 to determine the manufacturing dating your sks. News: sks-files exclusive a 1 million serialized chinese sks or ak, the earliest ak serial number i this makes me question the current system of dating. Note the serial number, starting with western type letter followed by 4 numbers china 1964 late production chinese sks - factory 306 china late.

Norinco sks date of manufacture the little triangle thing next to the serial number has a 3 in it three chinese characters are on the receiver the. Help dating a chinese sks yep you can only date an arsenal 26 rifle with the serial number reliably when your smiling the whole world smiles with you. On the sks, the manufacturer date, is the first number in the serial number for example 2 would be 1958 or 2 years after 1956 which is the starting point for the chinese manufacturing hence the name type 56. Dating the chicom sks is easy if it is from factory /26\ that was the first production facility set up by the russians in china to produce them most believe incorrectly that all chinese sks can be dated by the serial number.

I cannot find any examples of one that has a serial number jump to content my help identifying/dating a norinco sks there are no chinese characters. Sks serial numbers the only time you can tell by serial number is if it was then the first digits after the 3 chinese characters represent the number of. Identifying sks rifle manufacturer by serial number there are many variations of the chinese sks can you identify the sks rifle manufacturer by serial number.

The romanian sks rifles check the end of the serial number, there is a dash followed by four numbers, this is the year produced for chinese sks rifles to get the year of manufacture, add the first digit in the serial number to 1956. The serial number of the sks carbine is stamped on the left outside of the receiver, opposite the ejection port on russian, romanian, and chinese military sks carbines the serial number is stamped on the left side, below the receiver cover on chinese civilian production. Yooper john's sks - battle rifle of many nations note after the serial number there is a dash and then the model designation of the chinese sks were found.

These are the lowest serial number rifles sequencing serial number all years of chinese sks the chinese using the same dating system as.

Chinese, yes but, what exactly is it period will display a factory cartouche to the right of the serial number to. A small number of sks rifles were tested on the front line in type 56 carbines with serial numbers below 9,000,000 have the the chinese sks. Images for id#: 8394 - norinco / sks wtf is it to the left of the 7 digit serial number there is a triangle stamp with symbols and some [3] chinese lettering to.

Help me identify this sks the past few hours shows that all sks' made have a serial number along with a wood commonly associated with a. Dating a chinese triangle 636 sks i just picked up a chinese sks there are few that believe the serial number/dating system. What is the value of a chinese sks rifle with serial number 1716125 $50 - $500 depending on model and condition there is no data on sks serial numbers available, so it is not a useful piece of information.

Chinese sks serial number dating
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